"On the Run" by Bermuda Angels

Written, directed, filmed, edited, and styled by Sophie Kadow

BlackBook calls it "genuinely one of the most mind-bending works of art that has graced our screens in 2017."



"I Should Be Shot" by Bermuda Angels

Written, directed, edited, and styled by Sophie Kadow

Filmed by Sophie Kadow, Alyssa Kadow, and David Kadow

Starring Sophie Kadow, Ben Jones, Ben Kadow, and David Kadow

Atwood calls it "a dark, cacophonic hypnosis... a seductive and pulsing outburst of energy rife with emotion...leading listeners deep into a mesmeric rabbit hole of sonic adventure."




 Video work 

"Frustrated Operator" by A Place to Bury Strangers

Written, directed, filmed, edited, and styled by Sophie Kadow

Under the Radar calls it "a fractured kaleidoscope of colour-bleeding images to match the intensity of the song's squalling guitars"




England, 2009

Stray Dogs 'n Wild Horses, '08

Caliche's Land, 2010

Collection B, 2016


And SOME Drawings

Portrait of the Artist as a Plump Nun, 2016

                                                                                             4 ft  x 5 ft

I Decided to Go Back on Prozac, 2016

Midnight Tuna I and II, 2015

Something For My Brother to Hang Above His Bed, 2015

Magic Marker Stuff, 2014-2015

Unfinished, 2015

Select doodles, 2014-2015

Untitled, 2004


©2017 by Sophie Kadow

Costa Rica, 2010